Amaryllis Multiflora ‘Red Garden’

Amaryllis Multiflora ‘Red Garden’

Why not grow something a little bit different this winter? This spectacular Amaryllis ‘Red Garden’ is a multi-flowering variety that produces a mass of lush foliage and flower stems, each one producing up to four blooms of the most striking scarlet-red. Just pot it up with a little compost (not supplied) and watch it transform into a miniature indoor garden to cheer up the dreary winter days. It will come into flower 7-10 weeks after potting, and you get to enjoy its progress as it grows. It reaches a height of only 45cm (18”) so there’s no need to stake the stems. After it’s finished flowering, the bulb can be stored and brought back into flower in subsequent years. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided.
It makes a truly unusual and interesting growing gift which is sure to be talking point.

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