Free* Gladiolus callianthus (Acidanthera) x 35 bulbs

Free* Gladiolus callianthus (Acidanthera) x 35 bulbs

Also known as the Peacock Orchid, these beauties were much loved by the Victorians, and itŒs easy to see why. The white hooded blooms have an eye-catching dark purple throat and theyŒre also beautifully scented. They make enduring cut flowers for the home, too. Each bulb produces multiple stems and tall grassy foliage. Plant them in clumps in sunny beds or in patio pots. TheyŒre very easy to grow and the bulbs can be lifted and stored frost-free over the winter, ready to be planted the following spring. Height 50-100cm (20-39"). Flowering August-October. DELIVERY FROM MARCH.

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