Peony Sorbet x 1 bare root

Peony Sorbet x 1 bare root

Supplied as superior 3-5 nose bare root plants.
Peony Sorbet is a must of every garden, and Peony Sorbet is the cream of the crop! In our opinion, this is the prettiest peony out there.  It has triple layers of pink and white/yellow flowers with a rich perfume and makes an excellent cut flower.  After it has flowered, it still has garden interest as its foliage is rich green that turns red in the Autumn.  Ideal for planting in borders, or in pots or the patio, it simply divine and requires little attention, apart from staking up the heavy triple layered blooms.
Peony 'Sorbet' is a herbaceous perennial so will get bigger and better each year.  However they can take a long time to mature and therefore may not flower for two years. Plant in sun or partial shade.

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